Manage Document Posting and Restore Document Posting Sequences

Document Posting
Sequence Restoration

This dialog box can be used to post document sets and restore posting sequences.

Document Posting

You can post documents of the selected types in a specified interval at the Document Posting tab.

You should specify the interval where documents will be posted in the bottom part of the dialog. You can input the start and end dates to set the interval. If the No Limit option is checked, there is no restriction to a specified date.

A dialog window contains a list of document types that can be posted. You should select documents that you want to post: using the keyboard or mouse place a checkmark to the left of the document names.

Under the list of document types you will see a combo box where you should choose documents to be posted: posted, unposted or both.

Press the Execute button after specifying all the parameters necessary to execute the posting.
If the posting has been executed successfully the Document posting is completed message will be displayed.

Sequence Restoration

You can restore a document posting sequence at the Restore Sequences tab of the Document Posting dialog box.

A list of all sequences in the configuration is shown in the Restore Sequences list. You should mark the sequences that you want to: using the keyboard or mouse place a checkmark to the left of the sequence names. The current position of the sequence boundary is shown for each sequence in the Relevant column of the list. You can press the Select All button to choose all sequences.

You should specify the date until which the document reposting will be executed in the To date attribute; you can also set the No limit flag if you want to repost all documents.

You can press the Execute button to restore the sequences. The system will repost all documents in the selected sequences starting with the position of the earliest boundary of the selected sequences, up to the specified position inclusively.

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