Editing the Document Journal

Document journals are used to view documents. Each document type can be attributed to a specified journal. The document journal doesn't add any new data to the system. It is used only as a mean for viewing a list of documents of one or more types.

You can define columns for a journal to show attributes of the various document types assigned to the journal.

The journal can be displayed in several ways.

Document Journal Properties

Along with common properties for all metadata objects, document journals have some special properties.

A document journal can be edited in the editing window. Document journal properties are defined on tabs.

The Data tab specifies the document types that will be displayed in the journal.

This property is the same as the Registered in Journals property of a Document type configuration object.

The field list is used to create additional journal fields. Press the selection button in the properties palette and mark document properties that will be displayed in the current field.

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