String Operations

Concatenation (Binary +)

This operation is intended for concatenation of two rows. Example:

Products.Article + ": " + Products.Decsription


This operation checks if a string matches the transferred template.

The value of the LIKE operator is TRUE if the <Expressions> value matches the template or FALSE otherwise.

The following characters in a <template_line> have a meaning different from their meaning in a simple sequence of characters:

  • % (per cent): a sequence containing zero and more random characters;
  • _ (underscore): one random character;
  • […] (one or multiple characters in square brackets): one character of those in the square brackets. Ranges can be listed as well, such as a-z. This means a random character within the range, both ends of the range included;
  • [^…] (square brackets containing negation character followed by one or multiple characters): any character but those that follow the negation character;

Any other character represents itself only and does not have any additional use. If you need to use one of the above characters as a simple character, it should be preceded by <Escape>.

For example, template

"%ABC[0-9][abcd]\_abc%" ESCAPE "\"

It means a substring that contains of a sequence of characters: letter A; letter B; letter C; one number; one of a, b, c, d letters; underscore; letter a; letter b; letter c. Note that this sequence may be located starting from a random position in a string.

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