Appearance Templates

The data composition appearance template wizard opens when you select the "Data Composition Appearance Template" type in the Template Wizard.

The wizard window contains appearance area list, appearance setting table, and spreadsheet document field "Preview" showing the result of settings selection.

To setup appearance, do the following:

  • Select an appearance area.
  • In the settings table, select parameters for changing and specify new values.
  • Check results of changes in the "Preview" field.

If you want to output several grouping levels in the report, create appropriate number of subordinate areas for each area in the list containing levels. To create area level, specify the area and press the Add button on the command bar. A row named Level N is added to the area list, where N stands for grouping level number. Set appearance for the grouping level as described above.

Note: If several levels are set and you delete a grouping level, the lowest level in the current area is always deleted, even if you select another level.

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