Wizard of Connection String with External Data Source

The wizard form is displayed in the form to connect to a data source of the table wizard of external data source.

Actions in the wizard actions are performed step by step. To proceed to the next step, click Next >. To return to the previous step, click <Back.

At the first step you should select a driver to access the external data source.

At subsequent steps the connection string parameters will be requested if the selected driver supports it. The assortment of parameters depends on the selected driver.

If the selected driver supports selection of connection string parameters, when you click Next > on this wizard page, a prompt is displayed asking if user name and password should be stored in the connection string.

If you click Yes, the connection string will include user name and password so authentication data will not be requested when connection is established.

After you click Yes or No, the wizard generates the connection string and completes the process.

If you click Cancel, work with the connection string wizard is not completed.

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