Desktop customization

Desktop customization is available to users that have the Saving user data right.
Desktop is a set of forms and commands displayed in the work area of the main application window when the application is started. To navigate to the desktop, use the Desktop command of the sections panel of the main application window (the leftmost one).

To customize the desktop, on the View menu, click Desktop setup command. If the interface compatibility mode is not "Taxi", desktop customization is also available as a pop-up menu command of the sections panel. Desktop forms are arranged in two columns.

The settings window consists of three lists (left to right): forms available for displaying on the desktop but not selected for either the left or the right column, the left desktop column, and the right desktop column.

You can move the forms between the lists using the buttons: Add and Add all in the list of available columns, < (with Move to the right column tooltip) in the left column, and > (with Move to the left column tooltip) in the right column, or by double-clicking them.

The forms are displayed on the desktop in the order that is specified in the settings. To arrange forms within a column, use the up and down arrow buttons (with tooltips Move form up and Move form down).

To remove a form from the desktop, select it and click Remove.

To remove all forms from the desktop, click Remove all.

To revert to the default settings, click Actions and then click Restore default settings (in the Taxi interface mode, click More and then click Restore default settings instead). This command does not change the command interface immediately. After executing this command you can continue the setup.

The settings are applied when you click OK.

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