ExternalDataSourceCubeDimensionTableManager.<External source name>.<Cube name>.<Dimension table name>.GetChoiceData




<Parameters> (required)

Type: Structure.
Contains the parameters for generating a value list.
This is a structure that should contain the following keys:
  • Filter - the filter used when searching for data, Structure type; values of filter items can have the Array, ValueList, FixedArray type or other type, which is not a collection; for the Array, ValueList, FixedArray types, the comparison is performed using the InList comparison type, otherwise the comparison type is Equal;
  • SearchString - contains the string, used in data search; contains Undefined value for quick selection;
  • StringSearchMode - specifies search method when input by string is used; type SearchStringModeOnInputByString; the parameter may be missing.

Returned value:

Type: ValueList.


Generates a list of choice values for the string input, autocomplete text and quick choice.


Server, thick client, external connection.


If two parameters are specified in method in the manager module, then the GetChoiceData global context method is called.
Method execution results in calling the ChoiceDataGetProcessing event.


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