Connect(<Path>, <Name>, <SafeMode>)


<Path> (required)

Type: String.
Link to a configuration object attribute, which contains external data processor data. The link may be obtained by means of GetURL method.

<Name> (optional)

Type: String.
Name of the external data processor with which it will be registered in the system.
You cannot use identical names during a session. If the name is not specified, the name containing in the data processor itself is used.

<SafeMode> (optional)

Type: Boolean; String.
Indicates whether the external data processor is connected in safe mode. If the parameter is not specified, it is connected in safe mode.
If a string is specified, the external data processor will be executed in safe mode managed by the security profile with this name. The security profile should have SafeModeProfile=True.
Default value: True.

Returned value:

Type: String.


Connects the external data processor using the specified path.
Returns the name of the connected external data processor.


Server, external connection.


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