ReportManager.<Report name>.FormGetProcessing


FormGetProcessing(<FormType>, <Parameters>, <SelectedForm>, <AdditionalInfo>, <StandardProcessing>)



Type: String.
Standard form name.


Type: Structure.
Form parameters.


Contains name of the form, being opened, or Form metadata object.
If parameter value is changed, then search for form is executed within the object, for which the form is opened.


Type: Structure.
Additional information on the form opening.
Structure containing Reuse field of Boolean type that specifies if the form is cached on the client side.


Type: Boolean.
This parameter passes a flag indicating whether standard (system) processing of the event is performed. If it is set to False in the body of the handler procedure, standard processing will not occur (form and parameters, specified by developer, are chosen).
Default value: True.


Event handler is called at server when standard managed form is obtained.
If you need to redefine selection of opened form, you should specify another form name or metadata object of form, which needs to be opened, in the <SelectedForm> parameter and set the False value in the <StandardProcessing> parameter.


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