ChartOfCharacteristicTypesManager.<Chart of characteristic types name>.ChoiceDataGetProcessing


ChoiceDataGetProcessing(<ChoiceData>, <Parameters>, <StandardProcessing>)



Type: ValueList.
In the handler, you can generate and pass data for choice using this parameter. At that, the <StandardProcessing> parameter should be set to False.
Not only specific value can be located in the value list item, but also a structure.
Analysis of the value on the subject of whether it is structure or simply a value, is used by a text box of the managed form in the following cases:
  • Choice from lists, returned by text box events;
  • Choice from text box list, contained in the ChoiceList property.
If the Structure is used in the value of list item, it must contain the following set of properties:
  • Value – the value proper ( required structure item);
  • DeletionMark – (Boolean) contains deletion mark for a value. If True, then standard warning is displayed when such a values is chosen;
  • Warning – (String) contains warning text, which will be displayed when item is chosen from the value list.


Type: Structure.
Contains the selection parameters.
You can also set them up in the event handler.
This is a structure that should contain the following keys:
  • SearchString - the search string; contains a Undefined value for quick selection;
  • Filter - the search filter;
  • ChoiceFoldersAndItems - specifies whether folders and items are included (for hierarchical data only); value type: FoldersAndItemsUse;
  • StringSearchMode - the search method if the input by string feature is used; value type: SearchStringModeOnInputByString; the parameter may be missing;
  • FullTextSearch - specifies whether full-text search is used with the input by string feature; value type: FullTextSearchOnInputByString; the parameter may be missing.


Type: Boolean.
This parameter passes a flag indicating whether standard (system) processing of the event is performed. If it is set to False in the body of the handler procedure, standard processing will not occur.
Default value: True.


Occurs on the server before a list is generated in a standard way when using the string input, text autoselect and quick choice, and also when the GetChoiceData method is executed.


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