ChartOfCharacteristicTypesRef.<Chart of characteristic types name>.GetForm


GetForm(<Form>, <Owner>, <UniquenessKey>)


<Form> (optional)

Type: String; MetadataObject: Form.
Form name as it is specified in the Configuration Manager, or the metadata description object of the required form. If the parameter is not specified, the main form (according to the designer setting) is used.

<Owner> (optional)

Type: Form; Control.
An object that will be the owner of the opened form.

<UniquenessKey> (optional)

Type: Arbitrary.
This parameter can be used to set a key with a value that will be used for searching forms that have already been opened. At searching it checks opened forms' properties' values against corresponding values of the method's parameters. If an opened form is found (all parameters are concurrent), it will be returned instead of a new form. If new instances of other form are required to be opened from a form (one the same owner) then this parameter's value should be unique (within corresponding values of opened forms' properties) upon every call of the method. The parameter's value is assigned to a property of a form UniqueKey being opened. It should be noted that when obtaining form from the "object", the system gets a form for a specific object instance, taking into account the combination of passed parameters, whereas for the purposes of a "reference" there is always only one object in the database, and the obtained form is one and the same (for the same combination of parameters).

Returned value:

Type: Form; Undefined.
Undefined - if the form creation cancel flag is set in the OnCreateAtServer handler.


Obtains the form for the referenced element of the chart of characteristic types.


Thick client.


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