ReadJSON(<JSONReader>, <Type>, <ReviverFunctionName>, <ReviverFunctionModule>, <ReviverFunctionAdditionalParameters>, <TypesToRevive>, <PropertiesToReviveNames>)


<JSONReader> (required)

Type: JSONReader.
JSON reader object.

<Type> (optional)

Type: Type.
A type for the value that should be read from JSON.
If the type is not set, it attempts to define the type directly from JSON presentation.
If the type is not set, and you cannot set it, or the read data do not match the type value, an exception is called.

<ReviverFunctionName> (optional)

Type: String.
Value restoration function name.
The function must have the following parameters:
  • <Property> - a value of the String type,
  • <Type> - a value of the XDTOObjectType type,
  • <Value> - a value of the type allowed for serialization,
  • <AdditionalParameters>.

Default value: Undefined.

<ReviverFunctionModule> (optional)

Type: ManagedForm; CommandInterfaceCommand; CommonModule.
Specifies the module, the procedure of which will be used for value restoration. The proper method will be called depending on the type of the parameter:
  • ManagedForm - the method of the module of the specified manageable form will be called.
  • CommandInterfaceCommand - the method of the command module of the command interface will be called.
  • CommonModule - the method of the shared nonglobal module will be called.

Default value: Undefined.

<ReviverFunctionAdditionalParameters> (optional)

Type: Arbitrary.
Additional parameters for the value recovery function.
Default value: Undefined.

<TypesToRevive> (optional)

Type: Array.
Array of XDTOObjectType objects that correspond to XDTO types for which the recovery function needs to be called.
If the recovery function has not been specified, the TypesToRevive and PropertiesToReviveNames parameters are ignored.

<PropertiesToReviveNames> (optional)

Type: Array.
Property names that require calling a recovery function.
If the recovery function has not been specified, the TypesToRevive and RetriverPropertiesNames parameters are ignored.


Reads a value in JSON format. It can read those value types that can be written by the WriteJSON method.


Thin client, server, thick client, external connection.


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