WriteJSON(<JSONWriter>, <Value>, <XMLTypeAssignment>)


<JSONWriter> (required)

Type: JSONWriter.
Object through which JSON is written.

<Value> (required)

Type: Arbitrary.
JSON value to be written.

<XMLTypeAssignment> (optional)

Type: XMLTypeAssignment.
An assignment variant of XDTO data item type.
Default value: Implicit.


Writes values in JSON format.


Thin client, server, thick client, external connection.


Writes values in JSON format.
Not all value types can be written in XML format using this method.
The following value types can be written in XML: values of the following types: Undefined, Null, Boolean, Number, String, Date, Type, UUID, BinaryData, ValueStorage, TypeDescription, as can data object references and the data objects themselves, sets of register records, and the constant value manager. In the future, this list may be expanded.
Attempt to write the value of an unsupported type triggers an exception.


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