ImportNode(<Node>, <Recursively>)


<Node> (required)

Type: DOMDocument.
Imported DOM node.

<Recursively> (required)

Type: Boolean.
Flag of a "deep" import. True - all children nodes of the imported node will be recursively imported. The following nodes make an exception: Attribute and EntityReference.
Children nodes for Attribute are always imported, for EntityReference - children nodes are not imported.
If False - only transferred node is imported.

Returned value:

Type: DOMDocument.


Imports node from another DOM document.
NodeType and NodeName are imported for each node, as well as properties related to the namespaces: LocalName, Prefix, NameSpaceURI. User data are not transferred.
Import rules for node types:


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


Exception call reasons:
  • Imported names contain charaters invalid for XML standard of this document.


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