New DOMNodeIterator(<Document>, <Node>, <Filter>, <BypassReferencesToEntities>)


<Document> (required)

Type: DOMDocument.
DOM document, to which nodes belong.

<Node> (optional)

Type: DOMAttribute, DOMDocument, DOMElement, DOMDocumentType, DOMNotation, DOMEntity, DOMDocumentFragment, DOMText, DOMComment, DOMCDATASection, DOMProcessingInstruction, DOMEntityReference, XPathNamespace.
If node is not specified, DOM document is used as a root node.

<Filter> (optional)

Type: DOMNodeFilter.
Filter of DOM nodes. If filter is not specified, all nodes are iterated.

<BypassReferencesToEntities> (optional)

Type: Boolean.
DOM entity reference bypass flag. True - when bypassing entity reference node, entity content nodes are bypassed; otherwise they are not bypassed.
Default value: True.


Use it to create iterator for DOM document node.


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