Evaluate(<ContextNode>, <ResultType>)


<ContextNode> (required)

Type: DOMAttribute, DOMDocument, DOMElement, DOMDocumentType, DOMNotation, DOMEntity, DOMDocumentFragment, DOMText, DOMComment, DOMCDATASection, DOMProcessingInstruction, DOMEntityReference, XPathNamespace.
DOM node is the context for XPath expression calculation. The node must belong to the same DOM document, which was used to create XPath expression (otherwise an exception will be called) and can be one of the following types: Document, Element, Attribute, Text, CDATASection, Comment, ProcessingInstruction, XPathNamespace.

<ResultType> (optional)

Type: DOMXPathResultType.
Type of result of XPath expression calculation.
Default value: Any.

Returned value:

Type: XPathResult.


Calculates XPath ezpression for the specified context node.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


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