UseFromDataSource(<LockNamespaceField>, <SourceField>)


<LockNamespaceField> (required)

Type: String; ChartOfCharacteristicTypesRef..
A lock namespace field name.
For the Catalog namespace.<name> - Reference; Code;
For the Document namespace.<name> - Reference; Number;Document date;<Attribute Name>;
For the ExchangePlan namespace.<name> - Reference; Code; SentNo; ReceivedNo; <Attribute Name>
For the ChartOfAccounts namespace.<name> - Reference; Code; Description; Parent; Order; View; OffBalance; <Attribute Name>; Defined in Configuration; PredefinedValueName;
For the BusinessProcess namespace.<name> - Reference; Number; Date; Started; Completed; HeadTask; <Attribute Name>;
For the Task namespace.<name> - Reference; Description; Date; Number; BusinessProcess; Completed; RoutePoint;
For the ChartOfCalculationTypes namespace.<name> - Reference; Code; Description; ActionPeriodIsBasic; <Attribute Name>;
For the ChartOfCharacteristicTypes namespace.<name> - Reference; Description; Parent; IsFolder; ValueType; <Attribute Name>; Defined in Configuration; PredefinedValueName;
For the InformationRegister namespace.<name>.DataSet - Recorder (only for register subordinated to a recorder;
For the InformationRegister namespace.<name> - Period (if any), <dimension name>, <separator name>;
For the AccumulationRegister namespace.<name>.DataSet - Recorder;
For the AccumulationRegister namespace.<name>- Period, <dimension name>, <separator name>;
For the AccountingRegister namespace.<name>.DataSet - Recorder;
For the AccountingRegister namespace.<name> - Period, <dimension name>, <register record type> (AccountingRecordType system enumeration value), Account, ExtDimensions<N>, <extra dimension type>, <separator name>;
For the CalculationRegister namespace.<name>.DataSet - Recorder;
For the CalculationRegister namespace.<name>- RegistrationPeriod, ActionPeriod, <dimension name>, <separator name>;
For the Recalculation namespace.<name>.DataSet - RecalculationObject;
For the Sequence namespace.<name>.DataSet - Recorder;
For the Sequence namespace.<name> - <dimension name>, <separator name>;
For the Constant namespace.<name> field names are not supported;
ChartOfCharacteristicTypesRef. type - lock is set on the AccountingRegister.<name> space.

<SourceField> (required)

Type: String.
A data source field name.


Sets a mapping of a lock namespace field to a data source field.


Server, thick client, external connection.


It is not allowed to set one and the same lockspace field using methods SetValue and UseFromDataSource.


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