UpdateIndex(<EnableJoining>, <Portion>)


<EnableJoining> (optional)

Type: Boolean.
Use it to allow index merging.
This operation can be long. If True, then partial and full indices are merged.
Default value: False.

<Portion> (optional)

Type: Boolean.
True - indices will be updated in portions. During each method call a portional update of the index will be performed. One portion includes 10 thousand indexing objects. The portion includes, first of all, non-time-specific objects (e.g. catalogs), then, if the portion is not complete, time-specific objects are chosen (e.g. documents). First new objects are selected and then older ones. During the selection process all temporary objects are analyzed, including information registers with periods (the eldest date is taken), for the portion to contain proportional amount of all types of objects.
The process finishes when one portion of data is indexed.
If False, then all are indexed.
Default value: False.


Updates full text search index.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


Updating of an index can be carried out long time.
If the full-text search mode is not allowed, using the method will call an exception.


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