<CompleteCopy> (required)

The complete copy flag.

Returned value:

Type: HTMLImageElement.
A copy of the node.


Copies (clones) this node.
Copy has no parent node and user data.
Copying the Element copies all attributes and their values, including default values generated by XML processor.
Child nodes are only copies, if the copy in details flag is set. Detailed copy includes text of the Element node, if the text represents the Text child node.
Copying Attribute nodes is different from copying these nodes as a part of the Element node, as the explicit specification flag for the Specified property is set to True.
Attribute nodes are always copied together with child nodes (that represent an attribute value), regardless of the copy mode. When the node is copied, it builds a subtree automatically, if the corresponding node is available, regardless of the copy mode.
If other node types are copied, it only returns a copy of this node.
If a subtree is copied in read-only mode, it creates an editable copy, but child nodes of the node copy are read-only.


Thin client, server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (client), Mobile application (server).


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