BeginGettingCertificateStore(<NotifyDescription>, <StoreType>, <StoreLocation>)


<NotifyDescription> (required)

Type: NotifyDescription.
It contains description of the procedure that will be called after the external component installation is completed with the following parameters:

<StoreType> (optional)

Type: CryptoCertificateStoreType.
Defines type of certificate store, which should be returned by the method.
If not specified, then returns store, containing sertificates of all available types.

<StoreLocation> (optional)

Type: CryptoCertificateStorePlacement.
Determines which repository to provide access to: operating system user certificate store or to the local computer certificate store.
Default value: OSUserData.


Begins getting a certificate store, containing ceritifacates of specified type.


Thin client, web-client, thick client.

See also:

CryptoManager, method GetCertificateStore


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