ExecuteBackgroundJobWithDatabaseExtensions(<MethodName>, <Parameters>, <Key>, <Description>)


<MethodName> (required)

Type: String.
The name of exported procedure or a function of a non-global general module which could be performed at the server. Is specified as follows: "ModuleName.MethodName.

<Parameters> (optional)

Type: Array.
Array of parameters passed to the method. Number and types of parameters should correspond to the method parameters.
All passed parameters should support serialization. Otherwise, an exception is generated and the background job will not be launched.
If last parameters of the method have default values, it is allowed not to set them in the array.
If all method parameters have default values, the array does not need to be transferred.

<Key> (optional)

Type: String.
Job key. If this key is set, it should be unique among keys of the active background job, which have the same method's name as current background job does.

<Description> (optional)

Type: String.
Task description.

Returned value:

Type: BackgroundJob.


Initiates the background task for which a set of extensions will be obtained from a database.


Server, thick client, external connection.


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