Send(<Notification>, <AuthenticationData>, <ExcludedReceivers>, <UseIntermediateService>)


<Notification> (required)

Type: DeliverableNotification, Array.
Contains one or several notifications.

<AuthenticationData> (required)

Type: String; BinaryData; Map.
ertificate file required to connect to "Apple Push Notification Service" or a string with an authorization key to connect to "Google Cloud Messaging". May be used in accordance with keys of DeliverableNotificationSubscriberType type.
If an intermediate service is used - a passkey to this service.

<ExcludedReceivers> (optional)

Type: Array.
On Android powered devices this parameter helps return an array of strings with device identifiers which are not valid for sending and, therefore, should be removed from future mail. Notifications with this authorization key were previously sent to these devices. But not necessarily in this call.
On iOS powered devices the parameter is ignored.

<UseIntermediateService> (optional)

Type: Boolean.
Indicates an intermediate sending service needs to be used.
Default value: False.


Sends a notification.
The following fields should be specified for each notification:
  • Text - a non-empty string.
  • Recipient - at least one value should be specified.
If required fields are not specified, an exception will be generated.


Thin client, server, thick client, external connection.


The total length of the notification fields in the APNS system cannot exceed 2 KB. The total length of the notification fields in the GCM system cannot exceed 4 KB. When the set limit is exceeded, an exception will be generated.


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