Values of this type include a Unicode formatted string of an arbitrary length.

String literals are a set of characters in double quotes. To enter a quote character (") in a string, enter two quotes in a row. In addition, it is possible to use multiline string constants. In the source text multiline constants can be specified in two ways:

  • If fragments represent individual lines of a multiline string, they should not be separated by any characters other than spaces, line feeds or comment strings.
  • Individual fragments are not enclosed in quotes and every subsequent line has the line feed character | (spike). In this arrangement comments are allowed if a line begins with a comment character //.

Availability: Thin client, web client, server, thick client, external connection, mobile application (client), mobile application (server). Server exchange is possible. Serialized. 
This object can be serialized to/from XDTO. XDTO type corresponding to this object is defined in the namespace {}. Name of XDTO type: may be any of the following: string, anySimpleType, anyURI, duration, gDay, gMonth, gMonthDay, gYear, gYearMonth, NOTATION.


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