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The help system provides information on 1C:Enterprise 8 system, its objects (forms) and modes.

Help describes how to work with the application (configuration), for example, how to enter data in the "Invoice" document.

Help also includes a topic describing 1C:Enterprise script.

You can open help content at any time using Help - Help menu item or pressing F1. The forms also usually have the Help button. Your actions open the help information section that corresponds to the current run mode.

You can search for help information using content, index, and search queries (full-text search).

Table of contents provides help structure as a tree and is used to quickly open a required help topic.

Index contains a list of help keywords and is used to search in help information. Help information displays actual page with details of the selected topic taking the application mode into account.

The current description can be printed using the Print button of the help command bar.

If a topic was opened from the search results or from an opened form, use the Find Current Element in the Tree to locate this topic in the tree of descriptions.

If you have selected multiple pages for viewing, you can use the Forward and Back commands to display previously viewed pages.

To view the description of the previous tree element or the next one, use the Previous and Next buttons respectively.

Help Content Window

The left part of the screen will display the tree of contents, index list or search in the help information depending on the current view mode. The right part of the screen will display the text of the current help topic itself. The views in the left part are switched using the Content, Index, and Search buttons. At that a repeated click of the button will hide the left part of the Help window (the button is displayed as pulled) or will display it (the button is displayed as pushed).

Depending on help display settings (customized using Tools – Options menu item and going to Help tab), help information can be displayed in one window containing two parts (with one part displaying the content, index, and search and the second one displaying help information for the specified section) or in multiple windows (where each of the mentioned parts is displayed in a separate window). When the settings specify for help display in one window and context help is opened (for the current form), the left part of the window (contents, index, and search) is not displayed.

In the top part of the help information window you can see the command bar used for navigation and search.

If the text does not completely fit in the window, right and bottom scroll bars will appear. You can use them for viewing the obscured part of the text.

Viewing Help Information

The commands located in the Help window allow you to navigate quickly from one topic to another.

The Next command opens the succeeding topic. In the topic tree, the corresponding branch will be opened, and the highlighting will move along the topic titles, showing the current location in the tree. To go to the preceding topic, use the Previous command.

Help text can contain references to other help topics. Click a link to follow it.

When a topic is found and the help window is opened, use the Find Current Element in the Tree command to locate the topic in the description tree.

The program saves the history of help topics viewed (navigated). The Back command takes you back to the previous topic viewed, while the Forward command takes you to the next topic viewed.

If needed, you can print help information.

Searching for Help Information

There are several ways of searching for help content in descriptions:

Search for Topic in the Table of Contents
Search by Index
Search by custom description text

Also to search for any string of characters in the topic text, use the text search mode.

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