All Functions

The command is available if Display "All Functions" Command in the system options (Tools - Options) is checked.

Note: The checkbox is available in the system options if current user has Mode "All Functions" granted.

The list includes all the metadata objects regardless of their inclusion in command interface. If a user does not have a right to view a specific object, such an object will not be included in the list.

In the form, metadata objects are displayed as a tree, same as the configuration metadata structure.

Standard functions (active user list, event log, totals management) are displayed in a separate group.

When you reopen the "All functions" form within the same session, the last line in the list and the list of opened nodes are restored.

If required, expand a branch, select the object you need and click Open.

The system will perform an action connected to the selected object. For the list data types (catalogs, documents, etc.) the main list window will be opened; for reports and data processors their main forms will be opened. Default constant form is opened for constants. List forms are opened in the main window in the current section. Forms of objects are always opened in a separate window.

Note: Getting references is not supported for standard functions, hence they cannot be added to Favorites.

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