Windows of Text and Spreadsheet Documents

In addition to various forms that are used for accounting purposes (forms for catalogs, journals, etc), the 1C:Enterprise system makes it possible to work with text and spreadsheet documents. For these types of windows, Windows menu items are available for additional viewing and editing services.

The Split Window Horizontally and Split Window Vertically menu items can be used to view various parts of the window within one window. These menu items are only available if a text or a spreadsheet document window is active. The selected window is split into two equal parts (sections).

If you want to change the proportion, place the mouse pointer to the window separator. Depending on the separator type, the mouse pointer is changed into    or  . Left-click and drag the mouse to change the size of the sections.

To switch from one section to another, use F6 and Shift+F6 keys.

Choose the Windows — Remove Window Split menu item or drag the separator to one of the editor borders to cancel splitting of the editor window.

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