Information register print design wizard

The Print Log Wizard is used to create templates with specified named fields and procedures for data register printout.

The Wizard operates in steps. After a series of actions using the Next > button, the next group will be selected.

First, the Wizard for a new procedure, the Wizard allows you to select a location for the record creation procedure and enter a name for the printing form design procedure. The name is set to Print by default.
If the job is already displayed, you can select it and the Wizard will copy it again. Caution: The text inserted earlier in the body of the job will be lost!
When you click the Next > button, the Wizard will select title properties. Using the arrow keys, compile a list of properties.
Then the wizard offers to select the procedure calling mode and the print form view mode.

Click OK to close the Print Wizard.

A layout will be created, and the print job will appear automatically in the specified form.

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