Register Record Wizard

Use the register movement wizard for documents.

When the wizard is started, it prompts to select register for which Posting procedure will be generated. After selection, a dialog opens where all generation actions are performed.

Initially, the list contains only the specified register. You can change the list of registers by adding registers marked in the register list on the Register Records in the document edit window.

For each register, you must specify (depending on its type) preliminary settings.

For balance accumulation registers, specify the type of movement.

For accounting registers that do not support correspondence, specify the correspondence type and the account, and for those that do support correspondence, specify the debit and credit accounts.

If the document has tabular sections and their data must affect the state of registers, include the tabular section from the Tabular section selection list.

Then for each register, complete the attribute formulas based on data from the document's attributes.
In the list of formulas, place formulas that define how to calculate the register's movements from the selected document attributes.

You can create these formulas manually as follows. Enter the formula in the Expression column for each register attribute selected in the list. You can type it manually in this box, or manually edit an existing formula there. The wizard will not verify the formula's accuracy.
You can also insert data of the corresponding attribute into a formula by double-clicking in the document attribute list. The wizard does not check the agreement of selected attribute types.

If the attribute type matches the resource type (if it is marked by a checked icon in the attribute list) and their names also match, then you can use Autofill mode for such subordinate objects. When you press the Fill expressions button, the names of attributes are entered in the Expression column and may be edited. Clear expressions button clears all created expressions.


The wizard creates Posting procedure in the object's module.

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