Chart of Calculation Types Print Wizard

The print wizard is designed to create a template with specified named areas and a print procedure for a chart of calculation types.

The wizard operates in step-by-step mode, enabling to proceed to the next phase using Next> button when the current group of actions is complete with results affecting the contents of the next dialog.

The wizard's operation depends on the selected startup mode. These operation patterns depending on the mode specified in the configuration settings are as follows.

If the mode is Managed application and ordinary application, then in the first step the wizard asks you to select the form type. If Managed form is checked, the wizard builds the print form for the managed mode, as described in Managed Application Mode Print Wizard; otherwise, it builds the print form for the ordinary mode, as described in Ordinary Application Mode Print Wizard.

If the Managed application mode is selected in the settings, the wizard immediately starts to operate in the Managed form mode.

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