Evaluating an expression using the mouse pointer

You can also view the current value of a variable by mousing over the expression. The current value is shown as a short tip alongside the expression.

The expression's value can be viewed if it has a text representation. You can also view the value of a property the same way. If the property is represented as <Object>.[<Object>. …]<Property> (for example: FormElements.CommandBar1.Buttons.Retrieve.Availability), you can view its value by mousing over that text.

The value is shown if the text contains no parentheses or square brackets. You can also view the value of an array element whose index is specified explicitly (as a number or variable whose value is defined at the moment you view it). To do this, select the array identifier and its index.
If you mouse over a specific object or selected object or group of objects in text in the form <Object>.[<Object>. …]<Property>, its type is shown. For example, in the text FormElements.CommandBar1.Buttons.Retrieve.Availability, if you select FormElements.CommandBar1, the type CommandBar is shown.

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