Evaluate Expression

If an expression has a String type or if it is a collection of values or an array, the Show Values in Separate Window button becomes available in the command bar.

The Evaluate Expression window is used to make displaying long lines easier. This window contains the Label control that displays a line value to be viewed.

To make it easier to view a collection of values or an array, a window containing a table box is opened. Columns in this window correspond to attribute names, and rows contain attribute values. If a specific value is also a collection of values or an array, you can view these values in a separate window.

The contents of the calculation result table box can be output in a text or spreadsheet document by using the Output List button. If the calculated value is represented as a tree, you can only transfer the data from the opened strings of this tree.

However, it makes the expression text box and the Evaluate and Add to Immediate Window buttons unavailable.

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