Distribution rules setup

To set up distribution, you should specify the supplier rules for the configuration objects modification by the developers that support the end user configurations.

Only the first level objects are available in the hierarchical list of configuration objects.

You need to specify modification rule for each object. To do so, select an object and click Edit. To modify rules for a group of objects, select the group and click Change Subordinate.

You may specify the following rules:

  • Changes permitted - all user configuration changes are permitted;
  • Changes not recommended - user configuration changes are not recommended;
  • Changes forbidden - all changes are forbidden. This right makes it impossible to modify supported objects. It is impossible to disable support for an object with this rule. To modify such an object, one would need to disable support for the entire configuration;
  • Inclusion in configuration not recommended - when support is enabled by merging with a supplier configuration, objects with this rule are not prompted to be included in user configuration (not checked for merger). This rule acts in a similar manner when a supplier configuration is updated for new objects.

By default Designer applies the Changes allowed rule.

If you select the Include source texts of object modules to distribution check box, the distribution kit will include the module source code. If the check box is not selected, the distribution kit will only contain the compiled module code. In the latter case the functionality will remain the same but the module code will not be available for viewing.

Check Distribution file can be used for update for a distribution file if it is intended for a regular configuration update. Uncheck this option if you plan to use this distribution file as an intermediary in situations when a sequence of updates is needed

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