Control Insertion Dialog Box

To insert other controls into a form, select the Form - Insert Control menu item.

This dialog is used to add controls to the form.

The dialog box contains the list of controls and attributes to define the properties of the element being inserted. The list enumerates control types and elements that can be placed in the form. The set of attributes is defined by the control type. Properties can be modified later in the properties palette.

Carry out the following actions to insert a control:

1. Select the desired control from the list.
2. Define the properties of the selected control.
3. Click OK. The dialog box will close.
4. Place the mouse pointer over the required area of the form, then hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse pointer to the side. The outline of the control being inserted is shown in the form.
5. Release the mouse button.

The form designer places the control, along with subordinate elements, if applicable (for example, a label for a text input field).

You can drag the control to any place on the form, and also change its size.

You can change control behavior using the property palette.

If the Use when inserting check box is selected, settings Wizard will be automatically displayed when the control is inserted with the Controls toolbar buttons.

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