Overview of the Form Editor

Editing the Dialog
Editing a Form Module
Form Attributes

Forms are created using the Form Wizard.

A form consists of a dialog box, a module and the form attributes.

The form behaviour is configured using the property palette.

When you open a form, a window with three tabs is displayed.

On the Dialog tab
you will find the form proper or an on-screen dialog with which the program and user can interact with the selected configuration object.
On the Module tab
you will find a program in the 1C:Enterprise script that supports the preparation of source data and handles the user's actions.
On the Attributes tab
you will find a list of attributes.
Editing the Dialog

When you create a new form, a main panel consisting of one page is created in it. To add a page, select Add page from the form's context menu.

To insert other controls into a form, select Form - Insert Control.

To organize efficient use of space on a form, use the Panel control. The panel is organized into pages. Each page can have tabs. Tabs can be placed on either side of the panel.

You can align controls to the grid and/or to alignment lines. To indicate relative alignment of elements, you can use alignment marks. You can use and set up main form parameters in the Parameters mode.

Element boundaries can be snapped to form boundaries or boundaries of other elements. Depending on the type and method of snapping, controls may change size and position when you resize the form. Snapping is shown if you set visible snaps mode (Form: Show Snaps).

For a form, you can use automatic border snapping. In this case, each new control will automatically snap to the borders of the form or other elements, depending on the type of control.


Programs contained in a form perform various actions on form attributes as well as various preprocessing of data and events directly related to the dialog.


A tab contains a list of attributes and a toolbar, with which you can create new attributes, edit and delete them as required.

By selecting Actions: Goto, you can go to the control located in the form dialog corresponding to a selected attribute.


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