Form Wizard for External Data Source Table

At the first step,
the wizard prompts you to select form type and enter form name, synonym, and comment.
Use the Select Form Type controls group to select the form type.
Object form
Record form
List form
Selection form
Generic form
If an object has multiple forms of the same type, you can choose one of them as the default form. When you open an object without specifying explicitly which form to open, the default form will be displayed. When creating a form, check Set Form as Default to make it default.
Specify the form's Name, Synonym, and Comment.
Layout of main controls can be changed as needed (for instance, you may want to omit some controls or alter the default presentation). To make such changes, click Next>.
To complete creating the form, click Finish. The wizard will arrange the controls in the form and will open the form for editing.

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