Print Wizard for External Data Source Table

At the first step, the wizard prompts you to define a command to build the print form. Default name is Print.
If this command already exists, you can select it, and the wizard will overwrite it from scratch. The code previously entered in the body of the procedure will be lost! You can select a command from the list of existing ones.
When you click Next>, the wizard proceeds to select header attributes. Create the attribute list using move buttons.
When you click Next>, the wizard proceeds to selection of a command group the print command will belong to.
In the Group containing the command click the selection button and specify the required group. If required, specify print and output options.
At the last step, specify the command the group belongs to and view mode for the print form. If Print without preview is checked, then View-only table and Table protection checkboxes are disabled.
Clicking OK closes the print wizard.

As a result, the wizard generates the template, inserts CommandProcessing() and Print() procedures in the specified command, and inserts Print() procedure in the manager module.


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