Working with Event Log

How do I open the log?
How do I set up the log?
How do I reduce the log?
How do I dump log records to a file?

Administrative duties often require you to find out what events have occurred at a particular time or what actions various users have executed.

The event log is used for this purpose.

To open the event log, select AdministrationEvent Log.

Various events can be recorded in this log. An administrator can use it to retrieve a history of user interactions with the system. Events related to canceled transactions are displayed in gray (not applicable to 8.1 compatibility mode).

A log is recorded and available in all the run modes.

Event log is set up in the Designer.

To find some specific information, filters can help.

You can set up the list in the window opened by Actions – List Settings.

To export a log to a text or spreadsheet document, use the Actions - Output List menu item.

Information that is no longer needed can be reduced.

To save event log entries to a file, open the event log and select File - Save Copy. A dialog is displayed allowing you to select the directory and file to dump to, as well as file type (the default type is event log format, *.elf). You can also dump the log in XML format.

Peculiarities of Displaying Data Split

The Session data split column displays a list containing pairs "Common attribute" (with Data split property having Split value) and common attribute values. The list may be empty if there are no defined separators in this session:

  • either separators are present in the configuration but all separators are disabled in this session;
  • or there are no separators in the configuration.

Session data split only includes those separators that are not enabled in this session. If there are no such separators, the column is not displayed. When you view the event log in the mode without split, the column is not displayed either.


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