SetDescription(<ObjectKey>, <SettingsKey>, <SettingsDescription>, <UserName>)


<ObjectKey> (required)

Type: String.
Settings object key.
For details see Settings automatically saved in the system storage.

<SettingsKey> (optional)

Type: String.
Key of settings to be saved.
If contains an empty string, a new key of settings to be saved will be generated.
Default value: Empty string.

<SettingsDescription> (required)

Type: SettingsDescription.
Setting description.
Only the Presentation property is used for the standard settings storage from the given parameter.

<UserName> (optional)

Type: String.
Name of the user whose settings are to be saved.
If it is not specified, settings of the current user are saved.
If user, which is not current, is specified, i.e. when attempting to call the settings which do not belong to the current user, then the DataAdministration right is required for the current user.


Modifies the setting description or adds a new setting, if there is no such a setting.


Server, thick client, external connection.


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