Restore(<PointInTime>, <Sequences>)


<PointInTime> (optional)

Type: Date; PointInTime.
A point in time, for which sequences are restored.
If this parameter is not specified, the sequence is restored to its last document.

<Sequences> (optional)

Type: ValueTable.
A set of sequences that have to be restored. It is set by a table of values that consists of two columns. The first column should contain a value that identifies the sequence: string - a sequence name as specified in the designer, or metadata description object of the sequence. The second column should contain a set of sequence dimension value combinations, which should be restored in the specified sequence. This set is defined as a table of values which contains mapping dimension values in its columns. The column names should be the same as the names of the sequence dimensions. If the set of combinations is not specified, the entire sequence will be restored.


Restores specified sequences for a specific point in time. You can specify the dimension value combination for sequence restoration for each sequence. All documents in these sequences will be reposted for specified dimensions.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


SequencesTable = New ValueTable;
EmptyTable = New ValueTable;
Str = SequencesTable.Add();
Str.SequenceName = "StockTaking";
Str.CombinationsSet = EmptyTable;
Sequences.Restore(WorkingDate, SequencesTable);


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