SequenceManager.<Sequence name>.Validate


Validate(<PointInTime>, <Filter>)


<PointInTime> (required)

Type: Date; PointInTime.
A point in time up to which the sequence is checked.

<Filter> (optional)

Type: Structure.
A structure that defines filtering by sequence dimensions. The key of the structure defines the sequence dimension that will be used for filtering, and the structure value defines the dimension value.
If the dimension is not available in the structure, it will not be used for filtering.

Returned value:

Type: Boolean.
True - sequence remains intact; False - otherwise.


Checks whether the sequence for specified dimensions is intact up to the specified point in time.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


Moment = New PointOfTime(Doc.Date, Doc.Ref);
Filter = New Structure;
Filter.Insert("Article", CurArticle);
Continual = Sequences.ArticlesRegistration.Validate(Moment, Filter);


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