Values of output parameters for groups.
It contains values of the following parameters:
1. TotalsPlacement - location of totals (DataCompositionTotalPlacement type);
2. GroupFieldsPlacement - location of group fields (DataCompositionGroupFieldsPlacement type);
3. GroupPlacement - location of group (DataCompositionGroupPlacement type);
4. AttributePlacement - location of attributes (DataCompositionAttributesPlacement type);
5. ResourcePlacement - location of resources (DataCompositionResourcesPlacement type);
6. VerticalOverallPlacement - grand totals placed vertically (DataCompositionTotalPlacement type);
7. FieldsTitleType - field header type (DataCompositionFieldsTitleType type);
8. ChartType - chart type (ChartType type);
9. ChartType.BaseValue - base value (Number type);
10. ChartType.HideBaseValue - skip points with base value (Boolean type);
11. ChartType.LabelType - label content (ChartLabelType type);
12. ChartType.AutoSeriesSeparation - separation content (AutoSeriesSeparation type);
13. ChartType.ShowDataTable - show data table (Boolean type);
14. ChartType.MaxValue - maximum value (Number type);
15. ChartType.MinValue - minimum value (Number type);
16. ChartType.Outline - outline (Boolean type);
17. ChartType.Gradient - gradient (Boolean type);
18. ChartType.Font - chart font (Font type);
19. ChartType.BackColor - chart back color (Color type);
20. ChartType.BorderStyle - chart border style (Line type);
21. ChartType.LegendPlacement - chart legend placement (DataCompositionChartLegendPlacement type);
22. ChartType.GaugeChartQualityBands - bands for gauge chart (GaugeChartQualityBands type);
23. ChartType.ResourcesPlacement - placement of resources in a chart (type DataCompositionResourcesPlacementInChart);
24. ChartType.ValuesBySeriesConnection - mode of values by series connection in stacked column charts (ChartValuesBySeriesConnectionType type);
25. ChartType.ValuesBySeriesConnectionLines - style and thickness of connection lines (Line type);
26. ChartType.ValuesBySeriesConnectionColor – color of connection lines (Color type);
27. ChartType.SplineMode – defines the anti-aliasing mode of lines in the charts of 'continuous' type (ChartSplineMode type);
28. ChartType.SplineStrain - integer value determines the 'tension' of curve for anti-aliasing SmoothCurve;
29. ChartType.SemitransparencyMode - determines the display mode for overlapping elements of chart (ChartSemitransparencyMode type);
30. RecordsCount - count of records which needs to be outputted in group (Number type);
31. TitleOutput - output title (DataCompositionTextOutputType type);
32. Title - title (String type);
33. FilterOutput - output filter (DataCompositionTextOutputType type);
34. AppearanceTemplate - appearance template name (String type);
35. RecordsPercent - percent of records which needs to be outputted in group (Number type);
36. ResourcesAutoPosition - resources auto position (DataCompositionResourcesAutoPosition type);
37. GroupUseVariant - group use variant (DataCompositionGroupUseVariant type).


Thin client, web-client, server, thick client, external connection.
The given object may be serialized to/from XML. Can be used in attributes of managed form. The given object may be serialized to/from XDTO. The XDTO type correspoding to this object is defined in {} namespace. XDTO type name: GroupOutputParameterValues.

See also:

DataCompositionGroup, property OutputParameters


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