Accounting & Reporting Module: Financial Data and Reporting Tools

The Accounting & Reporting Module gives business owners fast, customizable access to the financial information and reporting tools they need to make critical business decisions, and gives comprehensive access to accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs to analyze, adjust and close on time.

General Journal Highlights

  • General Journal quickly shows all entries from the Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Accounting modules that have affected the General Ledger.
  • Easy-to-use buttons give the end user, business owner and accountant the ability to search for specific transaction types, date ranges, text, and also sort by columns.
  • General Journal entries can be made with either the keyboard or mouse. Built-in hot keys further speed the entry workflow.
  • Entry screens use a familiar spreadsheet-style layout with columns that can be customized by each user. Entries can be easily exported in common spreadsheet formats for easy emailing.
  • Accountants will love the fact that you can speed your workflow by simply saving each entry as it is made without any effect to the General Ledger.
  • You can instantly copy a general journal entry to another screen or a new within the software.
  • You can choose a currency on an entry-by-entry basis.

Reporting Highlights


  • Reporting periods are fully customizable, and allow for any period that is useful to how you manage your business—today, weekly, from the beginning of the week, the last 10 days, monthly, quarterly, half-year, last year, prior years.
  • Standard report designed for specific audiences: CPAs, Management, and Business Owners.
  • “Quick Reports”, on-the-fly changes to reporting parameters, and separate tabs for when you are generating multiple reports makes reporting simple and fast.
  • Multiple export formats like Excel, PDF, HTML make sharing easy.
  • Printing options include printing to the cloud or printing to local printers.
  • Standard Reports include:
    • General Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Income Statement
    • Income Statement Detailed
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow Direct
    • Other Comprehensive Income (meets IFRS standards)

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