Analogy of the processes for creation of the information system and home

Joke with grain of truth 🙂 Grain of truth - 99%.
Whom is this article for?

  • For those who are planning to deploy the program or create an information system
  • Adjusted to the small and medium-sized organizations as well as the 1С:Enterprise programs with their phenomenal versatility and terrible complexity for the users

What unites the concepts «information system» and «home»?

  • Both these concepts are the technical system of different elements interaction.
  • Both these systems are managed by the similar laws and formulas.

What is the difference?

  • The practice of home creation is much older and experienced than the practice of information system creation.
  • The stages and rules are similar. But in the practice of information system creation the community of experts makes the mistakes due to the lack of experience that look very stupid when creating the homes.
  • Over the time, the practice will gain experience and these mistakes will appear as stupid as in building the house.


Actions Home Information System Note on IS with respect to home Note on IS
Purchase of materials Bought plates, brick, mortar… Bought program, computers, network… From this stage many decide that it is already possible to live at home. But surprise when it will start to rain. Purchased program and computers are not yet the information system. This is only its foundation and the materials for its creation.
Hiring a crew with the cheapest price House was built. Program was deployed. A month later, the plumbing damaged and the southern wall was eliminated. A crew scampered out or simply cannot fix. Report are not generated, the data are duplicated, the users are nervous, the reporting deadlines run the risk of failure, the penalties, information about the state of affairs in the organization is not available. The specialists scampered out or claim that the have done their job, and everything that is bad is your problem.
Additional costs to fix and search an experiences crew House was built in accordance with the standards and norms. Still no wallpaper, but it is possible already to live. Program was configured, instructions were developed (according to the ACM and MECE principles, the schemes can be in BPMN notation or similar one), users were trained, system (computers, programs, instructions and users) was tested.
Not all the reports are what we want them to see, but all the norms of the laws are carried out and the basic reports are available.
The main is to understand that there is no sense to install a new audio system and wide-screen plasma before the roof will be above the head. Otherwise, either not enough money will be for the roof or the first rain will kill plasma.
Yes, it is not so funny to build house without plasma, but it is possible to live?
Before making the changes in the system, it is required to implement those capabilities that are available in the standard version, even if it is not very convenient. And all the modifications should be left for the next stage.
Maintenance Pay for public services. Brought furniture in the built house, on a month - plasma and in a year made an annex. Pay for technical support. Make additional reports, convenient processors and in a year it is possible to create additional module that optimizes the operational costs of administration or production. Deliver furniture only when there is a roof above the head.
The exceptions can be done, but it is necessary to accurately assess your resources and risks, and it is desirable to schedule this before starting the project. In order to finance enough the roof.
It is also required to understand that there is such cost item as the technical support. And it will be the lower the more reliable house will be. Otherwise, it is possible to spend money on the permanent repair of plumbing or plastering the walls that always climbed from moisture.
Make the changes in the system only after standard version startup.
The exceptions can be done, if we accurately evaluate our resources and risks, and it is desirable to schedule these changes before starting the project. TO do this, it might be worth to invest in a pre-project research.
It is unlikely in the small and medium-sized organizations. And the large organizations can not read it.
The costs for technical support will be lower, of the program is supplied with instruction for the users (in BPMN notation or similar one) (be not confused with the books and manuals that are included). The program itself is configured correctly and reliable computer hardware is used.
Otherwise, there will be many failures and the technical support may cost a bundle.
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