Technological log 1C:Enterprise 8 for the lazy

Technological log (hereinafter TL) is intended to detect the errors occurred when operating the system and to diagnose the work of technical support service of “1С” company, as well as to analyse the technical characteristics of system operation.

TL allows logging all the events of 1С:Enterprise (or their part using the filter), for example:
- executable code of 1С:Enterprise 8;
- Transact-SQL code for DBMS;
- interactive user actions;
- error messages;
- memory leaks.

In case of abnormal termination the log allows dumping the memory and copying the screen to send them to developers.

The log is configured using the file logcfg.xml which can be created in the program directory C:\Program Files\1cv82\bin\conf (the specific directory depends on the capacity of operating system and 1С capacity).

1) In order to successfully create the logs, it is required to create the directories for logs (for example, C:\1cv82\logs) and dumps (for example, C:\1cv82\dumps)

2) For these directories of TLК the rights must be customized:
- the full rights for the directory of technological log;
- the rights for reading of the technological log directory owner.

Note. If you still cannot write TL, then you should give the rights for everyone to this directory (temporarily, in order to make sure that the reason is in the rights).

3) No extraneous files should be in the technological log directory. The directory which contains the extraneous files will not allow you to create the logs.

4) You cannot combine the directories dumps and logs, because after a specified interval (1 hour by default) the content is completely erased and you will lose the dumps.

It is better to adjust TL (using the filters - tags logcfg.xml) only for the investigated events, the rest should not be collected, otherwise, it is likely to us all the available disk space and get the problems of server operation.

To stop collecting the logs, it is enough to rename the file, it is not required to restart the server, the settings are recalculated every minute “on the fly”.

To customize in logcfg.xml the event filtration for specific IB, it is necessary to use tag “p:processName=”

it is clear that it is not enough to collect the logs, they should be processed to solve a certain task.

Difficulties of TL reading:
- Requires a good understanding of system operation architecture
- Query texts are logged in the internal language of 1С:Enterprise and in the DBMS language

The files of technological log are stored in the subdirectories. The name of each subdirectory of technological log for a single process will look like: _, for example: rphost_4076. The name of log file is specified by template YYMMDDHH.log. For example, in the log 07051819.log the file name is formed from 2007 May 18, 19 hours)

The log can be uploaded in Excel to analyse using a comma like a delimiter


1) Writing in the log all the exceptions as well as queries to MS SQL the duration of which exceeds 3 seconds + generation of dumps for application failure:


2) Generation of complete TL without selections:


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