Some information about 1С software products with software protection

Publications: Some information about 1С software products with software protection
Not so long ago, I aimed to find out what the software protection is and how to treat it. Here is what came of it.
Please do not judge strictly.

It is no secret that at the present time 1С company gives priority to supply the products with software protection. Since November, all the basic supplies, expect for the budget, and additional places are supplied with software protection.

However, information about installation and operating features of such supplies is extremely scarce.

Let’s try to deal with this issue.

The supplies of software products with software protection include a set of pin codes using which a license is generated.

Any license is associated with configuration of machine on which it is installed. In this case, configuration is understood by the set of computer settings based on which the unique machine identifier is generated and in case of their modification the license should be received again using a duplicate pin code.

Here there is a list of these settings:

  • name of operating system.
  • version of operating system.
  • serial number of operating system (only in case of Windows OS).
  • installation date of operating system (only in case of Windows OS).
  • network name of computer.
  • motherboard model.
  • amount of RAM.
  • type and version of BIOS.
  • list of processors and their settings.
  • list of network adapters and their MAC-addresses.
  • list of hard drives and their settings.

The licenses are of two types:
Single-user – included in the supply «1С:Enterprise 8. Client license for 1 workplace».
Multi-user – included in the supplies «1С:Enterprise 8. Client license for 5 workplaces», «1С:Enterprise 8. Client license for 10 workplaces», etc. as well as in the basic supplies of all software products.

A single-user license should be activated on the user computer.
A multi-user license has two activation ways: either activation on each user machine or activation on the 1С:Enterprise server.

In this case, the second way can be used only in three cases.

Firstly, in case of client-server operating version. The role of license server in this case will be performed by the 1С:Enterprise server. It should be noted that if the user, in addition to the database operating in the client-server version, has a file base, then the license for this base will not be distributed, so, this base the user simply will not launch.

Secondly, on the terminal server of file operating version.

Thirdly, on the web-server, for those configurations that work through the web-interface.

An activation method of software license should be chosen before the first activation, since it cannot be changed later.

Installation of HASP License Manager for the software protection is not required.

If a multiuser license is activated on the server, then a number of sessions of 1C:Enterprise will be used as a number of user licenses.

A license from the basic supply is a multi-user for a single session of 1С:Enterprise startup, this means that it can be activated on the 1С:Enterprise server and 1С:Enterprise server will give it to the users along with the other multi-user licenses.

Here is an example. Let’s say we bought a basic supply Enterprise accounting with software protection, the main supply Payroll and staff accounting Salary and staff management with software protection, license for server, client license for 10 workplaces.

If we will activate the license from the basic supplies and a license for 10 places on 12 computers, then the users will be able to launch at the same time on their 12 machines unlimited number of sessions for accounting and salary simultaneously, that is, at least 24 sessions at the same time. If we will activate all the licenses on server and will use a client-server operating version, the users will be able to open only 12 sessions at the same time, for example, 10 for accounting and 2 for salary.

Since a number of duplicate pin codes is limited and each duplicate pin code can be used only one time, the users may have the troubles with SP reinstallation, for example, in case of replacement or upgrade of PC, but even if all the pin codes were already used, it is possible to receive one more duplicate, to do this, it is necessary to contact with 1С company with a corresponding request.

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