New licenses of CORP level for “1С:Enterprise 8.3” platform

“1С” company has released a new type of licenses for “1С:Enterprise 8.3” platform - CORP level. These licenses are available both with the software and hardware protection (USB). CORP licenses extend the platform capabilities.

“1С:Enterprise 8.3” server of CORP level provides the user with enhanced features compared with the “normal” 64-bit server:

  • background update of database configuration;
  • additional control on the distribution over the operating cluster servers in the context of information bases, types of client applications and background jobs:
    • cluster services;
    • connections with information bases;
  • flexible load management in the cluster:
    • secure memory consumption per call;
    • IB number for the process;
    • memory capacity of working processes until which the server considered as efficient;
    • maximal memory capacity of working processes;
    • balancing strategy (by memory, by performance);
  • external session management;
  • security profiles;
  • ability to update thin client from the server;
  • ability to publish a list of bases and updates for the thin client via http.

To use these capabilities, the client licenses of CORP level are also required the prices of which is calculated as a doubled price of “normal” client licenses for the same number of users.
Released earlier client and server licenses of “1С:Enterprise 8” are on sale at the same prices, but do not provide the right to use this additional functionality.

The listed functional capabilities are allowed to use only if the user has the server and client licenses of CORP level. The prices for new licenses you can see in the section Price list 1C-Company.

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