How to remove the passwords of 1C users if the base is on the SQL Server

There are the cases when the access to SQL Server us available, but the password of 1С user with full rights is lost, in this case, it is possible to remove the password using the method described below, so, here is goes.

1С platform during operation on the SQL Server stores a user list in two locations, namely, in the table v8users and in the binary file users.usr that is located in the table Params.

Now let’s try to force the platform to think that the base has no users. To do this, it is required just simply rename the table v8users and the line with file users.usr. Open SQL Server Management Studio, login and create a query to the database with the following context:

EXEC sp_rename 'v8users', 'v8users_old'
SET FileName = 'users.usr_old'
WHERE FileName = 'users.usr'

Then open database in the Designer and see that the platform does not ask the username and password and in the SQL Server the table v8users will be created over again. Now, to bring back all the users without closing the Designer, execute in the SQL Server Management Studio a query:

DROP TABLE v8users
EXEC sp_rename 'v8users_old', 'v8users'
SET FileName = 'users.usr'
WHERE FileName = 'users.usr_old'

After query execution, all the 1C users will appear in the user list, it will be only necessary to find the right and change his password.

PS: For PostgreSQL open pgAdminIII and execute:

ALTER TABLE v8users RENAME TO v8users_old;
UPDATE Params SET FileName = 'users.usr_old' WHERE FileName = 'users.usr';

Enter the Designer and execute:

DROP TABLE v8users;
ALTER TABLE v8users_old RENAME TO v8users;
UPDATE Params SET FileName = 'users.usr' WHERE FileName = 'users.usr_old';
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