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Most of the reports are required to show their details, for instance, display documents which have an influence on results of report. This function can be done very simply using DCS. You can customize different data groupings or open an object of configuration by double-clicking.
Nevertheless, some reports are easier to develop without using DCS. Of course, the possibility of DCS allows us to develop a report of any complexity but I want to demonstrate how detailing parameters are used in reports without DCS.
The example is simplified as much as possible. The configuration contains two documents (Cash payment, Cash receipt) and catalog Clients. Documents add records in an accumulation register.

Developing a report with an ability to show their details and opening documents on clients by double-clicking on the amount.
For , reports don’t display any additional information. The aim is to show how to display report details. The configuration is attached.
In fact, creating of such a report takes a few minutes in DSC, and it is easy customize.

Algorithm for developing the report
1. Add and design a template. Assign names of areas.
Publications: Display report details

Fill properties DetailsParameter of cells.
Publications: Display report details

2. Add commands to generate data processing and output data.
Also, fill in the property DetailsParameter at the time of filling parameters of spreadsheet document.
Publications: Display report details

I’ve given the same names in the query in my example and so I used method Fill for filling parameters automatically.
Publications: Display report details

3. The property ReadOnly of the spreadsheet document is determined True.
Publications: Display report details

4. Add procedure DetailsProccessing. The procedure includes a query and a code for data displaying. Determined value in is transmitted in procedure DetailsProccessing as a parameter. This parameter is used for selection documents on this client.
Publications: Display report details

The type of parameter can be Structure. For this report, you specify processing the output of this option.
And as a result, the report is generated with the data on the documents of this client. The document form opens when you double-click on the document. The property DetailsParameter was determined as a reference to the document.
Publications: Display report detailsPublications: Display report details

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