Dwolla Partners With AccountingSuite and Microsoft

News: Dwolla Partners With AccountingSuite and Microsoft
Independent payment network Dwolla recently announced partnerships with both accounting software provider AccountingSuite and Microsoft.
Dwolla’s updated integration in AccountingSuite will speed up transaction times and lower payment costs, enabling users to pay vendors and suppliers, as well as request customer payments, through Dwolla, online and in real-time. These payments are available once funds are in the Dwolla network, at the cost of 25 cents her transaction or free if the transaction is $10 or less.

“Dwolla is a terrific bonus for our users, because they can keep and reinvest more of their cash instead of paying it out in bank fees,” stated AccountingSuite cofounder Kurt Kunselman. “Every day we are working to make accounting easier and less expensive for growing companies. With this integrating, our users can simply create a payment form for a vendor’s bill, then click the pay-with-Dwolla button or get paid with Dwolla by generating invoices with pay-with-Dwolla button.”

In addition to Dwolla, AccountingSuite customers can make payments through Stripe credit card processing, Coinbase bitcoin wallet, or traditional banks, credit unions and credit cards.

Dwolla’s new partnership with Microsoft positions it as the only payments provider on the company’s cloud service for the government, Azure Government. On the government cloud, Dwolla will streamline and secure the payments process through smart bank transfers, low-cost transactions and low-cost APIs.

Source: http://www.accountingtoday.com/accounting-technology/news/dwolla-partners-with-accountingsuite-microsoft73035-1.html

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