How do I Print a Table or Save It to a File?

Do the following:

  • Open the table;

  • In the ordinary run mode select Actions – Output list...;

  • In the managed run mode use the All actions – Output list... command;

  • In the form that opens, select one of the following in the Output to field:

    • Spreadsheet document if you want to preserve the table boundaries;

    • Text document if the boundaries are not essential;
  • Set checkboxes to all the columns you need;
  • Click OK. As a result, a spreadsheet or a text document will be opened.

Then, in the File menu select one of the following:

  • Print – to print the table;

  • Save As... – to save the table to a file (.mxl, .htm, .html, .xls, .txt).

If the advanced files operations extension is installed, a standard operating system dialog for saving a file is used for this purpose. If the extension is not installed, an 1C:Enterprise form will be displayed for saving.

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